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Jelang UTS, Ayo Latihan Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11 SMA/MA Sederajat TA 2022

16 Sep 2022, 13:16 WIB
Ilustrasi Bahasa Inggris.(ebc/freepik)

EDUKASIBORNEO, PONTIANAK – Adik-adik SMA/SMK/MA Kelas 11 yang akan menghadapi Ujian Tengah Semester (UTS) dan Penilaian Tengah Semester (PTS) mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris sudahkah mempersiapkan diri.

Tak usah gusar, tim redaksi edukasi borneo sudah mempersiapkan contoh soal dan kunci jawabannya.

Soal dan kunci jawaban dapat dijadikan sebagai referensi bahan belajar bagi siswa dan orang tua dalam membimbing anak-anak. Sementara soal yang disajikan adalah pilihan ganda.

Berikut latihan soal pilihan ganda dan kunci jawaban pelajaran Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11 Semester Ganjil K13.

I. Choose the correct answer by crossing a, b, c, d, or e!

This text is for questions no. 1-7

 My name is Hani. Layla and I live next to each other. … (1) often go shopping

together. Layla is … (2) best friend. On Sunday, … (3) came to visit me and saw a new

car outside. “Does that car be long to you?”, she asked. “Where is … (4) old car?” No,

it’s not … (5)”, I said” … (6)” belongs to david and Fatima in next door. It’s … (7) car.

1. a. She

    b. We

    c. They

    d. It

    e. He

Answer: b

Pembahasan: menggantikan Layla and I dalam kalimat sebelumnya.

2. a. her

    b. his

    c. our

    d. my

    e. its

Answer: d

Pembahasan: Menunjukan kata kepunyaan.

3. a. he

    b. they

    c. we

    d. she

    e. he

Answer: d

Pembahasan: menggantikan “Layla” dalam kalimat sebelumnya.

4. a. your

    b. you

    c. it

    d. his

    e. our

Answer: a

Pembahasan: menunjukan kata kepunyaan

5. a. his

    b. mine

    c. hers

    d. ours

    e. its

Answer: b

Pembahasan: menunjukkan kata kepunyaan

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6. a. its

    b. it

    c. his

    d. they

    e. she

Answer: b

Pembahasan: menggantikan kata “Car” yang dimaksud dalam teks.

7. a. theirs

    b. his

    c. their

    d. her

    e. my

Answer: c

Pembahasan: menunjukkan kata kepunyaan

This text is for questions no. 8-10

Helen visits Naiya in Brazil. Naiya tells Helen about the famous Samba Festival

which occurs once in a year. Helen is so happy to hear that. She wants to learn how to

dance Samba. They both travel around before they see the festival. They visit some

places which introduce the culture of Brazil. Helen buys feijoada, a traditional dish in

Brazil, and she loves it so much. Naiya then takes Helen to see the festival at night.

Helen is so happy and say thanks to her best friend for the unforgettable memories.

 8. Who is Naiya?

    a. Helen’s youngers sister.

    b. Helen’s best friend.

    c. Helen’s pen pal.

    d. Helen’s acquaintance.

    e. Helen’s older sister.

Answer: b

Pembahasan: disebutkan dalam teks kalimat terakhir

9. What festival does Helen visit in Brazil?

    a. Tango

    b. Macau

    c. Samba

    d. Night

    e. Salsa

Answer: c

Pembahasan: disebutkan dalam teks kalimat kedua.

10. What is the name of the traditional dish that Helen bought?

a. Feijoara

b. Feijoada

c. Feijonada

d. Ferijoada

e. Freijoada

Answer: b

Pembahasan: disebutkan dalam teks kalimat ketujuh

11. Yuri … to Bali with her sister.

a. go

b. gone

c. goes

d. goer

e. goers

Answer: c

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12. Kevin …roses for his grandmother who … in Jakarta.

a. buys, live

b. buy, lives

c. buys, lives

d. buy, live

e. bring, lives

Answer: c

Pembahasan: verb untuk subjek orang ketiga tunggal ditambah es/s

This text is for questions no. 13-15

The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall, or Chang Cheng in Chinese, is massive. It begins in the east at the

Yellow Sea, travels near China’s capital, Beijing, and continues to west through numerous provinces. It winds like a snake through China’s varied terrain for thousands of miles. Smaller walls extend from the main wall.

According to conservative estimates, the Great Wall’s length is approximately 2,400 miles. Its thickness rangers from 15-30 feet wide, and it reaches in height to about 25 feet. The Great Wall has been considered as one of the world’s wonders. The Great Wall is undeniably one of humankind’s most prominent and enduring architectural feats. It is a testament to people’s ability to plan, organize, create and work diligently together. The wall is a monument to the Chinese civilizations, one that came at great costs and through countless sacrifices.

13. Where is the Great Wall located?

    a. China

    b. Hong Kong

    c. Taiwan

    d. Macau

    e. Mongolia

Answer: a

Pembahasan: disebutkan dalam teks kalimat pertama

14. How Thick is the Great Wall?

a. 15-25 feet wide

b. 10-25 feet wide

c. 15-30 feet wide

d. 15-35 feet wide

e. 15-20 feet wide

Answer: c

Pembahasan: disebutkan dalam teks kalimat keenam

15. Where does the Great Wall begin?

a. in the south at the yellow Sea

b. in the north at the Red Sea

c. in the south-east at the Yellow Sea

d. in the north west at the Yellow Sea

e. in the east at the Yellow Sea

Answer: e

Pembahasan: disebutkan dalam teks kalimat kedua.

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